Hack Needed

I need a hack! 🙂 Just something to keep my neighbors out when a fence is not an option.

The causal smiles and awkward small talk is enough to make me not want to step a foot out the door. When I’m out I know I’m out, no longer in. On good days in the neighborhood, its so quite. I sit and listen to the pool filter shot water out, skimming water sings a peaceful tune to my mind. I’m alone in the yard in tune with the land beneath my soles. Then around the corner one of my many, friendly neighbor peeks around the corner startling me (a feeling I absolutely hate!) and rudely interrupting my soothing pool pump symphony. Without notice I’m no longer alone in the space I just rode solo. I’m startled, leaving an unpleasant tingle lingering through my body. I have to pry myself from my world of peace and thoughts to do human neighborly things.  Do they really care if I’m swimming today. I’m not in the pool. I’m fully dressed in clothing I would not wear inside of a pool. Does it really matter? When I do lawn work. Must you sit and stair at me like I’m a movie on your 50 inch set? Would you like some popcorn? I feel like I fail. I fail at life. I’m strange to you, I know. Now you make me feel like I can not even pull weeds correctly. No I’m not a pro and some of these weeds are on steroids. Is it necessary to thank me for pulling the weeds? Is that an unspoken social rule I’m not aware of? Or is the old hag just being a bitch?

In my defense, the fence is not mine. It is also not shared property as it’s not on the property line. It’s about 6 inches on her side and about 6 inches too close to my property to begin with.) I do not use the fence and the other sides of my lawn are not fenced in. Personally, I do not like the fence. I’m a visual person, and well, its ugly! But it keeps her over there, so put it out of my mind. I would love to spay paint the rusty stain color or hang bamboo fence on it… but its not mine. And neither is the couple inches that I regularly mow. 

I never mow before dinner. I wait until the evening has shaded the lawn. She waters the plants along the fence around that time now. Her lawn floods. I had drains installed in my lawn and it has solved the problem with my lawn. She has built the area up near the fence and planted flowers along the area. Nice but when she waters it soaks the area. The water runs down into my lawn until it hits my drain near the property line. I don’t like being wet so I will not kindly do that area that she has flooded. I also do not treat that area with weed and feed since it’s so close to her garden. I do not want to kill her plants or worse poison her veggies. So the area can get weeds  and they like to grow in the fence.  The flooding has really damaged the lawn in that area. It’s not mine so I do not mind but I will take care of it for the sake of my own lawn. 

Off subject for a moment for a funny somewhat related story: Its a hard not life, for her anyway. My other half would not do the fence knowing its hers and knowing she comes to the fence and at him or watches him close by. She caught on and came around pulled the weeds. Few weeks later they had really grown and my other half was stubborn and would not do the weeds along the fence. She called the city and complained. The city kindly sent me a letter reminding me of the rules. I was not breaking any so I disguised the letter. A short time later I got another letter informing me that a neighbor had complained and if I had weeds they need to be trimmed within 2 days or I would be charged $500 for a city worker to do them for me. Again, I did not have any weeds and knowing it was her complaining we made OUR lawn look perfect for the 48 hours later!

48 hours later…. As the letter stated a truck pulled up and I snapped a few photos. They trimmed the weeds and were done in no time, I walked out with the letter in my hand and the paper to our home that shows where the fence are located. I told the guy to not the accurate address in his report because I had mailed a copy to the city’s office prior. I never heard a thing about it again and I was not billed. 

Anyway the lawn is a slop and mess in the area the fence is not several inches above the ground and the mower no longer fits in the ditch she has created. I have thought about doing something low maintenance with it just so I don’t have to look at it but you never know what other people will say or do. 

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