Lost a mile from home. WTF who does that!?



Ugh, I’m so bad with directions.

I missed my appointment because they recently changed buildings. I was not aware of this change so I went to the old building. I opened the door (not seeing the sign) thinking oh how great, there will not be many people in here, the parking lot is almost empty. Note to self: That should have been my clue. I was the ONLY freaking car in th parking lot but failed to notice that part.

I was confused when I opened the door to see a waiting room black and completely empty. I go back out the door with my three kiddos clueless trailing behind me. Now I discover the sign! “We moved, just down the street.” For real, 1/2 a mile away, just one mile from home. 

I load the kids back up, buckling my three year old hipp-ity hopping 3 year old back up. Down the street we go. I circle through where I think it would be at, nope not there. We drive a little farther. This has got to be it. We unload, and go into the small medical building. We walked around the building looking for our eye doctors name on the glass windows in front of waiting rooms full of patients starring out them. Did not find it. We loaded up and drove some more. Why can’t I find stuff. People do this stuff all day. I must say I respect the mail lady much more today. I don’t know how she finds so many places in a day. 

I gave up and decided to head home before I really go lost and didn’t know my way back. I didn’t have my cellphone with me and my car kept wanting to stall. Really?! Now!? Check engine lights on (bad gas? Maybe?) I can’t find where I’m going and I have three kids in the car with traffic everywhere. I say I call it a day! I was ready to cry all the way home. 

After I got home, I used my friend, Google Street View. Ah now I see where it is. I had to call and explain why I was not there and make new appointments. If they would have let me know they moved I would have done this before. The lady on the other end could not understand why I could not find it saying they had directions on the door of the old building. Directions don’t do me much good, obviously


This is exactly how it happens when I stub my toe

This great. I laughed my ass off! Must be tired.

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Quotes that relate to me…

“Autism is not something that can be switched off when it may be an inconvenience to festive planning.” – Literally Speaking Blog

“Aspies struggle to multi-task and are often forgetful. Sometimes I have seen my boyfriend read my texts and then just forget to reply because at that moment in time he was pre-occupied. ” – Night_Shade917

“I have found that because people with Asperger’s have such an intense focus on a certain thing, which is mainly their special interest. Their intense focus immerses them into their own world where they will sometimes block out any social interaction. They often lose track of time whilst doing this and sometimes they don’t realise how much time has passed since the time they last talked to their partner. They often do this because of two reasons; Aspies have intense focus on one thing which means that they struggle to multi-task. He might just be getting distracted or pre-occupied with his special interest. Also, if he is focused on the conversation and nothing else, you’ll get better replies because the only thing he’s focused on is talking to you. However, if he’s pre-occupied you won’t get a lot of answers out of him due to his attention being focused on his special interest most likely. The second reason why the Aspie might do this is because of sensory overload due to stress, something bothering them, bad days at work or school, socialising or just feeling overloaded because of their day. This isn’t always the case though, sometimes they just want their space and solitude. Whatever you do, please don’t take this personally. Aspies really don’t mean to do this, but it’s something they sometimes have to do in order to relax and get rid of their stresses. Sometimes NT’s will think that their partner is ignoring or avoiding them or it may come across as if he has forgotten you, that really isn’t the case. They see it as a way of relaxing and relieving them of their daily stresses or they just simply get distracted. This is NOT done with malicious intent. They don’t do this on purpose to hurt you in any way at all. They often don’t realise they’re doing it until you point it out, but some Aspies are quite open with this and others are not, it varies from person to person.”  – Night_Shade917

“I don’t like planning ahead if I’m busy with stuff. My “busy with stuff” is stuff some people take for granted. I have to “plan” for pretty much everything, but in my thought process it’s not necessarily planning to me, but it is in fact planning. So, to, let’s say, go to the store, I gotta “plan” so much, that it becomes overwhelming, it gets to a point where though I naturally wanna plan everything out perfectly for the future, I have to make myself only plan for that day or possibly the next, as that’s the only thing you have control over. What happens when I plan for days and months in advance is, it usually cannot go according to plan, and if I involve other people in my plans, I’ll break promises inadvertently, as there will be things that come up that I don’t account for. So as much as I love planning ahead and thinking of all the cool things I’d like to do, I don’t really think about things in the “3 years from now I’d like to do _____.” Even people asking if I’d like to do something in a week or two overwhelms me, as I don’t know what’s going to be going on in a week or two. So as far as the planning thing, it’s best if you wanna plan things out, just ask him about a day or two in advance, probably don’t surprise him and be like “I wanna see you in like an hour” but then also don’t try to make giant week in advance kinda things, just be like “so tomorrow or the day after, wanna do _____” and see if it works.” –1000Knives

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